Writing a Good Autoresponder Sequence

You need to build a good relationship with your subscribers

EmailMarket16So you have got people to opt-in to your list and you are building a subscriber base. This is probably the single most important thing you can do in your online business BUT if you don’t follow it up with good autoresponder sequence then you are pretty much putting all of your list building efforts to wast…..

A good autoresponder sequence builds a lelationship with your subscribers. It (hopefully) gets them to buy products from you and engage in what you are all about.

Many people get it wrong. They stack up the message without giving much thought to what they are actually doing. Here is how to do it right:

  1. Put yourself in your subscribers shoes Easier said than done I agree, but do you really want to be receiving sales email after sales email each and every day? The first step towards writing a good autoresponder sequence is to put yourself in your subscribers shoes and think about what they would like to receive. What interests them? What will benefit them?
  2. Give content. Don’t just sell. It is funny thing but the truth is that the less you sell, the more you will sell! Give quality content in your autoreponder sequence and look out for your subscribers interests. Tell stories, give them helpful advice that they can put into action straight away without needing to buy anything.
  3. Carefully time your emails. Autoresponders let you space your message in any way you wish. All you have to do for each message is to specify the number of days between that email and the last one. Try delivering them every day for the first days, and then space them out a little longer after say the first week. Why? Because immediately after subscribing people are hot about you and it is a great time to sell to them.
  4. Think about what they orginally signed up for. Most people build their list by giving away some sort of freebie in return for the opt-in. A top tip for writing a good autoresponder sequence is to make sure that your emails relate back to the orginal thing they signed up to receive. If your squeeze page bait was about blogging then they are obviously interested in blogging or they would not have subscribed!

Above all – give quality content and deliver to your subscribers content that you know they will enjoy. Take a look at other marketers autoresponder sequences. How do THEY do it?


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