Why You Need to Post on Reddit

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– To gain traffic to your website



I know absolutely nothing about Reddit but I would like to know more about it then Reddit seems intressing. Is Reddit the right solution for me and why should I consider Reddit to drive traffic to my website. This is probably enough questions many ask. You need traffic like everyone else in the internet marketing world and it is here Reddit comes in.


3 reasons why Reddit is great for driving traffic.

  1. Massive Traffic. Many social networking sites are know to have many followers and in fact some do have millions of visitors who are interacting on their site. But, not many can rival the page views Reddit gets. Reddit get, according to statistics, more than 2 billion views on their page monthly. And with that volumes, you can get a lot of good traffic if you make a successful post.
  2. Less Tasking. Spending lots of time, effort and money in just getting traffic is not unusually. With Reddijt it is much more friendlier. You only need a few votes on submissions or comments to drive traffic to your post and website/blog. Forget about looking for 1000 plus up votes, it is not unheard of sites almost crashing because of 50 votes originating from a subredding with 60,000 readers, or getting 90 votes from subreddit with 35,000 readers.
  3. Your Influence Does Not Matter. “You are more likely to drive traffic if you are popular.” This is what other social sites put acreoss. So, the ordinary Joe will have to spend twice or thrice the effort than Twitter´s Chris Brogan. With Reddit, you influence essentially does not matter. Whilst there is the karma system, with the right comments or submission you will reach the front page regardless. The secret lies in understanding your community and knowing what tickles them. A small subreddit usually has about 20,000 readers – imagine connecting to them……????

Looking at the above breakdown of 3 resons why Reddit is great for driving traffic, it is evident that Reddit is a valuable resourse for boosting traffic. In fact, many people have seen traffic increase tremendously from just a few comments or submissions. Nonetheless, it does not mean this is a shortcut to driving traffic. Failing to apply proper techiques may lead to you being swallowed alive in the net. It is critical to post good content, like always, specialise in your niche, and most importantly always engage your “Redditors”.




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