Create Polls and Surveys with Your WP Blog

Create Polls and Surveys with Your WP Blog

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And discover what your visitors are thinking about your blog!

boxDo you know that most marketers usually ignore the fact that ‘listening’ to their visitors is so devastatingly powerful?

Yes, that is right – they focus on a lot of things that, while important, are not as critical to know as what your visitors are thinking about your blog, business, product or even services……

Bisically, when visitors are telling you exactly what they like and what they do not, you can make the changes that will please them so they will be willing to shell out more money or even subscribe to your newsletter.

I have very good news for you!

Well, there is a cool PlugIn for WordPress that allows you to easily create polls and surveys and what’s more: you can redirect your traffic after each poll to ANY page you want!

If you would like to finally understand what your visitors want, and what they think about your blog, and use this to improve it, then you should carefully read on. The reason is simple, a new hot WP PlugIn is now changing the game for hundreds of marketers. And this is not your regular “coolie-cutter” wp plugin but something VERY different. In a nut shell, it brings the unlimited power of polls and surveys to YOU, so that you can take advantage of that for making better decisions and make more money by the end of the month…..


  • VERY easy to install and to use
  • Easily redirect your visitors after each poll to any page you want
  • 7 jaw-dropping and professional designs that you can choose from
  • Cool and engaging widget effects: in order to increase the engagement of your visitors, you can control the appearance of the survey widget.
  • Possibility of setting up restrictions: Make your surveys exclusive and available only to registred users, or make it more universal. Polls and surveys can be also used by the general public.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee – if you are not satisfied with your purchase then no worries, let me know and I will refund your money without asking stupid guestions or passive aggressive comments. Either way you are happy with my unique pluging or your money-back.
  • You can create an unlimited number of polls or surveys
  • Each survey or poll can be embedded on sidebars, in posts, and even on pages
  • Add audio background into your poll/surveys and instantly capture the attention of your visitors!
  • Complete and FULL customization, so that you can have more choices to increase your profits: You can change the style for survey header, footer and content….. control how the polls are looking and appearing in each page.
  • In depth and precise results and statistics: this is perhaps the most powerful feature of WP ENGAGE + ….. this amazing plugin provides you with useful snapshots of critical data that you can use to YOUR advantage.


If you would like to finally increase your profits, commissions, and improve your online business to very profitable levels all you have to do is click the buttom below right now!

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