Why Some People Fail at Internet Marketing

Why Some People Fail at Internet Marketing

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coverWhy failure sometimes happens in Internet Marketing

Getting into Internet Marketing is like going into business for yourself. What most people fail to realize is that the same types of obstacles and challenges that people have when thay go into business offline are the same obstacles and challenges thay might face online, except in a different format. If you have difficult selling items in a regular brick-and-motar store, don’t think that slapping a website up on the World Wide Web is going to transform you into an instant super sales person. Because it won’t.

Business is a competition, like sports and your attitude is half the battle. Having a positive attitude when you go into Internet Marketing is essential, if you think you will fail, you will. There is no better self-fulfilling prphecy than someone who half-heartedly goes into business only to make excses for why the business failed. It didn’t fail after they started doing it, it failed the minute that they didn’t believe in themselves. If you want to be successful in Internet Marketing, you have to understand that there will be setbacks, but you have to be able to use everything as a learning experience to finally cross that finish line as a winner.

Understand your strengths and weakness is A and O if you want to success and every business is a reflection of the owner who creates it and Internet Marketing is no different. If your strength is in structuring a product lineup and not in sales, then you have to get people on your team who can cover the weakness, while you cover the strength. 
Learning from failure is the key to sucess.

If you have heard that you can make BIG money on the internet, it is true, but you must also know that false expectations can trip you. Will you really make big money immediately? While some people appear to have done so overnight, the trth is that they have gatered those skills over time until, one day and it all came together for them. If you think that all you have to do to make money on the internet is to put up a website and wait for people to show up, you have really set up some false expectations that are completerly unrealistics.
Here are the three biggest misconceptions to Internet Marketing that will only lead to disappointment if they are not temered with some common sense.

  1. You Can Quit Your Job When You First Start.
  2. Doesn’t Take Much Time to Learn
  3. Build it and They Will Come


The first thing you have to remember about is that you don’t have to be perfect to start making progress with Internet Marketing. You just have to have a solid niche, an online presence to expose that niche, and traffic that is targeted to your chosen demographic. That means that, as much as a fancy, colorful and perfect website is nice to have, it is not as important as your marketing. Instead of spending thousands of dollars putting up a very complex site, think in terms of simple. Hitch your passion to a profitable niche, and your chances of success increase dramatically. Do a little research before you even pick a domain name to decide what niche you want to target.

Once your site is up, you need to update the content fairly frequently to keep people coming back to your site. If you only update once a month, people will quickly forget to check back with you, and you will lose traffic instead of gaining it. You can hire ghostwriters to add content to your blogs and websites for a small fee. You should also learn what you can about SEO – Search Engine Optimization. T his way, when you hire someone to write content, it can include SEO techniques to make it search engine friendly by adding keywords that attract visitors to your site.

Not having a solid plan to make money with the site is the main reason for the biggest failures of the dot-com bust, and is still a big mistake for beginners. How do you expect to make money from yourwebsite? Internet Marketing is about making money, so if you haven’t got a plan, you are planning to fail. Offer a product or service is a great first ide business owners can use to make money online. Include both your own product or service and affiliate offers as well to give you commissions for sales of other people’s product and services. Remember to always keep your demographics in mind when picking the products and services that you will offer.

If you only offer one or two products, once your audience buys these, what happens next? Make sure you have products and services in your lineup so that no matter how much your audience buys, there is always something new to consider purchasing. Having too few offers is one of the many ways in which you can fail to achieve significant income with your site. Don’t forgett to setup your sales pipline for what to present first, if not, it can get rather confusing, for both you and for the prospective customer. You need to plan out a sales pipline and always keep some offer in front of your prospective client. You should know what they have seen before and what they are going to see next.

Listen to the experts. Go where the experts are and listen carefully. Don’t just listen, but also do. Go out and implement some of what they are promoting and see if it really works or not. Some things will work for you and others won’t, but don’t blame it on the tools or the experts. It could just be your audience or niche is far fidderent than what those methods were used on before. Always customize everything you hear to you own sites and niches. Take into account that everything you hear has value, but you will be thi one to decide exactly how it can work with your Internet Marketing practises and sites. By carefully discriminating between what works and what doens’t for you personally, keep tight control over the information out there. If you can find someone who truly excites you and understands your niche, see if they offer a mentoring or coaching program. These types of programs can be expensive, but they can literally catapult you into action and help you achieve in one year what it might take a few years otherwise. Just be careful to choose reputable coaches and to always keep your eye on the results!

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