Tips for great presentation in your Facebook Live content

Tips for great presentation in your Facebook Live content

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FacebookLiveHow to make your Facebook Live stands out

Facebook Live is a platform that should appeal to anyone who is trying to build a personal brand and establish themselves as a thought leader in their niche. This will encompass a very large proportion of digital marketers and make this a platform that a lot of people start making use of.

What this also means is that some of the people reading this and planning on creating live content won’t have much experience with creating video content. So if you are not an experienced YouTuber, read on to learn some of the tips of the trade that will help you to create more engaging and professional videos.

Video Quality

Video quality makes a huge difference on YouTube. On Facebook Live of course this isn’t such a big issue (seeing as everyone is recording frrom their phones) but you can nevertheless make a big difference if you invest in a high quality camera phone.

What is arguably even more important meanwhile is that your videos be bright. Even a low quality video will look much clearer crisper if the room has lots of light! Either invest in a light box, or try to use natural light staregically. Aim for ‘Rembrandt lightning’ which means lightning yuor face from one side more than the other.



Your audios is equally important. Make sure that you record your sound using a lapel mic or a phone with a clear built in microphone. Speak slowly and clearly and think as will about the acoustics of the room you are in: this can make a surprisingly big difference! Avoid echoing spaces where possible and think about your background noise. If people can’t hear you what you are saying, they will leave quickly!



Being a good presenter is about being engaging and clear. It is also about being charismatic and smart. Try to dress for the occasion but likewise don’t look overdressed aas this will just make you look desperate – which is never a good look! Go for ‘effortlessly smart’ and try watching your favorite YouTube for tips.



Finally, think about your ‘set’. The area you film in is very important and will make a big difference. In perticular, try to avoid filming anywhere there is too much activity behind you that could be distracting. Likewise, avoid filming anywhere that looks untidy or unprofessional. Your living room is not a good choice if there is lots of rubbish strewn around the place!


There are so much more to tell about Facebook Live and so many more tips. This was just the basic and I hope it will help you with your Facebook Live marketing.

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