How to Get Your Emails Opened and Read – [Infographic]

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Strugglering with Bad Open Rates in Your Email Marketing Campaigns?

Do you struggling with few people who open and read the emails you send and even less who click on the link in the email? Do you compare yourself with otheirs, what percent they have in Open Rates? Then you are not alone, it is natural for people to compare themselves to otheirs.

But what is a good Open Rate and Click Through Rate? It depends on your nichee, but a 20% Open Rate is good, and if 20% of your subscribers open your emails you should really be satisfied.


In the Infographic below are some statistics in Email Marketing and what to do to get  more engagement from your subscribers. What triggers them to open your emails and how to get your subscribers to actually read your emails.


Conclusion; There are a few things you can do to get better Open- and Click Through Rate, and it don’t have to be so difficult. Subject lines are very important for your open rate and if you want your subscriber to read your email it should be easy to read. If you forlow the tips and steps thet been shown in the Infographic above, you will get far with your email marketing business.



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