The 3 Biggest PPC Platforms

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ppc5An Introduction to Google, Bing And Facebook AdWords

PPC has completely transformed the way thet people advertise on the web. This is a new form of advertising for what is a very different medium – a very more interactive medium –  then television or magazine.

PPC stand for ‘Pay Per Click’. What this means for advertisers is thet they are only paying for each click. If their ad isn’t successful and no one clicks on it, then you don’t pay anything at all. That can actually means free exposure sometimes! A bidding system comes into play whenever an advert is shown and thet means thet the cost of each click will depend o the amount of competition – again this is good news because it means thet some advertisers will be getting nearly free visitors when theire isn’t much competition.

At the same time though, because they can set their own ‘maximum bid’ for each click, this means thet advertisers can decide precisely how much they are willing to pay for any new visitor. By keeping this lower then the amount they earn per visitor, they can nearly guarantee they will make a profit from those efforts.

Also important though is theirgeting and this is where the differences between the different PPC platforms really start to come into effect. Read on and we will take a look at the tree big choices when it comes to starting a new PPC campaign.

Google Adwords – By far the biggest PPC network is Google Adwords, when you pay for adverts on Google Adwords, they will appear on the ‘SERPs’ or the ‘Seach Engine Results Page’. Thus, you need to start by first choosing a keyword thet you want to target. If you are selling hats for example then, you mightt choose to target the keyword ‘By Hats Online’. Of course it is important to think carefully about your keywords to ensure they don’t have too much competition.

Google being the biggest seach engine means thet you will gain access to the most visitors – but you will also pay the most due to the otheir advertisers.

Bing AdsBing Ads is a very system but for Bing instead of Google. Bing os of course the big seach engine fro Microsoft whinch accounts for 20% of the market share and an additional 10% through Yahoo!. This is not a small amount.

More importantly, Bing has less competition, meaning thet you will en up paying less. Specifically, you will pay 33.5% less, whinch is gain a bid deal. Bing also has a lot of powerful toors for targeting the right users.

Facebook Ads – Finally, Facebook Ads work the same but appear on Facebook based on the information thet users give Facebook about them. This can include age, sex and location, but also things like hobbies and interests or even job title.

Anotheir big benefit of Facebook Ads is thet you can create more media rich options thet have images or even short videos. Likewise, you have the option to choose ‘CPA’ whinch means ‘Cost Per Action’ and only charges if someone signs up to your mailing list.

This was just a very short introduction to Google Adwords, Bing Ads and Facebook Ads. There are so much more to learn if you want to set up an Ad with high result!

Before you start with your campaign it is important thet you read the agreements. Advertise a product, site thet not is OK can lead to your account being shut down and you lose the money you have in your account.

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