How to Create Great Images and Videos for Your Facebook Ads

How to Create Great Images and Videos for Your Facebook Ads

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facebookvideomarketing2Using Images and Videos Will Make Your Ad More Eye Catching

Facebook Ads have a ton of advantages but one of the biggest is the ability to adapt the tool to the kind of campaign you are most interested in running. You can use images as adverts for example but you can also use videos. And actually, using a video can be a fantastic way to have a much stronger impact on your audience.

When scrolling through your Facebook homefeed, some adverts will instantly catch your eye, whereas others you’ll simply pass-by.

So what is the different between these? Which ones really grab your attention and which ones fail to make any impression?

Often, the difference comes down to the images or video that is used. While a headline can make a big difference too, an image or video can convey a lot more information in much shorter time and as such is potentially more potent when it comes to quickly getting us to sit up and take note.


Facebook Images Ads

Images That Grab Attention

The first thing to think about is what type of images gets us to look up in the first place. Studies show for example that images of people are more likely to get us to pay attention than any other objects or subject matter. We are simply hardwired to pay attention to faces and other humans because it has clear evolutionary value.

The other type of images that grabs attention is anything that uses high contrating colors. If your images are bright red or yellow, then this will make them pop off the page more. Red in particular always makes us take notice and this works particularly well on the light blue/white background of Facebook’s UI.

Tell a Story

Getting attention is your first objective. Getting your audience to actually engage which the advert and consider clicking it is the next.

To do this, it can help to try tell a story through your image. Don’t simply show what it is you want your audience to think about but instead try to evoke it and hint at it. For example, if your advert was about a party, then it might actually work better to show a lipstick stained glass rather then showing the party itself. This forces the viewer to imagine what the image is trying to show, which instantly scrolling past.

What you want them to imagine meanwhile is always going to relate to your value proposition. In other words, ask yourself what kind of lifestyle is linked to your product and how you want your audience to feel looking at it.


How to Create Amazing Video Ads for Facebook

To get the best effect, you need to ensure your video advert is designed accordingly. Here are some tips that will help out that end.

Use Professional Tool

The first tip is to use professional tools. That means a high quality camera but also a high quality mic and lightning. Your camera should be at least 1080p but it’s actually just as important that your video is well lit and sounds crisp and professional. If your voice is muffled and the image looks grainy and dark, then no one is going to want to watch for long!

Likewise, using the right editing software – such as Adobe Premiere – can make a big defference and help you to create a more polished final product.

This is all very important because it will allow you to give your video professional production values. This will cause your audience to assume that your products themselves must be similarly professional!

The Message

Also important is how your convey your message. The first key pointer here is to keep your video on the short side. You want it to be watched all the way through, so make it no more than three minutes. Likewise, try to get to your point quickly. Long, slow introductions simply cause people to stop watching. Show your product in action and ad immediate sales patter to explain what it is before you get into why people should want it.

They say an images can tell a thousand words – so imagine what a video can do with motion, sound, music and a script. This is a very powerful way to convey a message and also to convey a feeling and emotion that you want your audience to associate with your band. It is a fantastic way to move someone to download an app, buy a product or otherwise take action.

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