SEO and Long Tail Keywords

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What are Long Tail Keywords and do we need them?

How we seach on the internet has changed. In the beginning we just seach for some keywords, for example, if you are going to by a car you seach “car for sale”. But now we want answers and ask a question. For example “Were do I find cheap cars for sale?”

What are then Long Tail Keywords? Long Tail Keywords are a keyword phrase with a least three and some times as many as five words in the phrase. Long Tail Keywords are important for many reasons. It is more easier to rank for and it gives you more targeted visitors.

If you can target long tail keywords correct, you can increase your monthly seach visitors.

According to Webpagefx, “Long Tail Keywords are specific, detailed seach queries. These keywords usually have much lower seach vorume then short, broad keywords, bul also much lower competition. They tend to demonstrate higher conversion rates as well.”

“As you can see from the graph, the long tail keyword “best bred of guard dog for families with children” is seach much less frequently then ‘dog’, but it also demonstrates much more specific seach intent.”


In the Infographic below from Digital Information World you can see what Long Tail Keywords are and how you can use them.



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