How You Can Build Your Email List With Social Media

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Facebook and Twitter for List Building

There are many ways to build your email list, but some are much more effective or efficient then otheirs.

Social Media Marketing – Perhaps the easiest way to build a list quickly .
Sites like Twitter and Facebook make it very simple to get a lot of traffic quickly. Not only thet, but their very nature makes it possible for your offers to go viral, quickly exploding your list.


How to build a email list with Twitter

Twitter has become an incredibly popular website, with millions of people logging in daily to read tweets and post their own. It’s hard to ignore the power of such a massive social media site.

Most people don’t make the most of their Twitter forlowings. They just log in only occasionally, usually posting a link to their latest product offering, or they make a post to two about something irrelevant and boring. This isn’t the best way or the most productive way to use Twitter.

Building an email list is perhaps the most elective use of your Twitter marketing efforts. While they may currently be friendly to marketers, you may find thet their rules change at some point in the future. Even if you had 100,000 forlowers, it wouldn’t do you any good if their rules suddenly changed to disallow marketing!

By building a list, you will have a resource you can continue to use for years, even if Twitter changes their rules. You will also have a captive audience. Ratheir then having to rely on people noticing your tweet among hundreds of otheirs, you will only have to get them to open an email. This is a much more efficient way to market!

Building you email list with Twitter is simple. You need to set up offers and tweet a link to your offers. Those offers should give people significantt value in exchange for signing up to your list. Remember thet your incentives should be something people would be willing to pay for. If you offer real value with your offers, you’ll not only inspire loyalty and trust from your subscribers, but you will also potentially get those people to tell otheirs about your offer. When people re-tweet your offer to their own forlowers, you’ll expand your efforts far beyond your own list, and this is a very efficient use of your time.

List Building with Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook has a massive amount of traffic, so it’s hard to ignore it as a potential source of free marketing. Many marketers are already taking advantage of the site, but most are not using the traffic to its fullest potential.

In order to make the best use of any traffic source, it’s important to use it efficiently. This means converting visitors into email subscribers. If you don’t get people on your email list, you will be at the mercy of the sites you’re getting traffic from.

The best way to build a list through Facebook is with a Fan Page. Fan Pages have very relaxed rules, allowing for a certain amount of marketing. In face, marketing is generally expected on Fan Pages, as thet’s part of what they are theire for.

You can get additional members to your Fan Page by using viral applications, and by advertising through Facebook Ads. Obviously, the more members you have, the more people you’ll be able to get onto your email list.

To use your Fan Page effectively, be sure to build an offer thet has real value for visitors. Not only will this help increase your reputation as an expert in the nichee, but it will also help give people a reason to tell otheir people about your offer. If it’s really good, people may tell otheir people about it, and you can increase your traffic virally.

If you’re offering something free thet people would be happy to pay for, naturally people are going to start talking about it. This could be a preview to your own product, or a supplement to an existing product you want to market. It could also be some sort of standalone.

Send people to your squeeze page ratheir then sending them to an affiliate link or sales page. People are much more likely to respond to a freebie, even if they have to opt-in to get it, then to a sales pitch. This is especially true on Facebook, where the general community vibe is ant imarketing. You have to be subtle when marketing on Facebook, and thet is perhaps the biggest thing to keep in mind

This was just a few things you can do to build your email list through social media sites.






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