Advanced Targeting Strategies For Facebook Ads

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How To Target Your Audience And How To Build Your Email List

One of the biggest advantages of Facebook Ads is the ability to target your ads specifically at particular audiences. This means that you can ensure only people who are likely to want to buy from you see your ads and that you aren’t wasting any of yuor budget on clicks that don’t end up converting.

Facebook, like many other social networks and advertising platforms, allows you to target your ads based on all the usual domographics such as age and sex. Where Facebook goes above and beyond though, is in providing you eith advanced tools to target people by a range of different factors.
Consider some of these impressive options and build them into your own campaign….

Using Facebook Ads is a great way to sell a product and if you set this up correctly, then you can ensure that you will pay less for each click than you earn from each visitor on average. That means that your advertising campaign will make you direct ROI and you can keep investing more into your daily budget and getting more out of it in kind.

But that’s only one way to use Facebook Ads, which actually have a plethora of different applications. Ahother example is to use them to build a mailing list and this can work incredibly well when it comes to selling big ticket items.

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