Niche Targeting Is The Foundation Of Effective Marketing

Niche Targeting Is The Foundation Of Effective Marketing

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Maximize Your Marketing Results Using Niche Targeting

In my previous post, I talked about the importance of targeting. Targeting is crutical. But if you want to truly move the ball towards full maketing success, you need to focus on niche targeting.

Niche targeting is the foundation for any kind of effective marketing. I don’t care whether you advertise through search engines, social media, blog posts, or email maketing. You need to have to have a firm grasp of your niche for you to truly make money online. Keep the following ideas in mind so you can maximize your marketing results using the power of niche targeting.

Build Your Business Around Traffic Demand

Niche targeting isn’t just a simple matter of finding a niche product and looking for traffic for that produt. If this what you are thinging, rest assured that you are not alone. You are in good company. In fact, the vast majority of online marketers thing exactly this way. They focus on the product or service, and they rack their brains coming up with all sorts of creative traffic-generation methods to build demand. I hope you see what is wrong with this picture. You can’t simply INVENT demand-even if you tried!

Tap the power of existing demand

Whenever you are trying to market something, focus on an existing deman. Focus on people who are already demanding certain solutions. Listen to people who have a problem they ae trying to fix. This makes the whole process of effective marketing all that much easier because you are simply looking to plug the demand that already exists. Compare this to the more common marketing situation of coming up with some seemingly “hot” productand then scrambling to build demand for it. It is muh harder to do that because it takes a lot more time, effort, and money pulling demand out of thin air.

It is much better to zero in on existing pools of demand and understand their existing pattems. You then create content to build trust with these pools of demand. Your content guids them through their problems. their interaction with your content can lead to better ideas for possible solutions. By simply interacting with existing potential customers, you are in a position to craft a solution that they wouold actually want to buy. Aviod very common mistake among enterpreneurs of somply imosing a solution on your target audience members.

At the very least, these people would then use your content to go to your target websits. Focusing on niche demand as they already exist is the much better way of online promotions than starting from scratch and hoping that your solution would work. By getting your target audience members directly involved in your solution-crafting efforts, you start out the game with a tremendous sompetive advantage you have an existing pool of buyers.


Forum marketing is one of the most effective ways of implementing a niche-targeting marketing campaign. There are many ways to use forums for both customer intelligence as well as crowd sourcing and niche selection. It you are looking to jump-start your online marketing efforts, you might want to start with forum marketing.


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