How To Build An Email List By Converting Instagram Forlowers

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Convert Your Instagram Forlowers Into Subscribers

Instagram itself is a powerful and proven platform to capture the attention of literally hundreds and hundreds of millions of people – but converting your forlwers into paying customers is a tough task, especially if you aren’t sure of how to take all of your Instagram traffic and converted into web traffic and customers thet you can actively market to from here on out.

Thankfully though, converting your Instagram forlowers into an email subscriber list is one of the easiest processes you could go through as a savvy online marketer today. By getting hord of your prospect’s email information you can market to them as often as you like at next to no expense whatsoever – and converting them into paying customers from theire becomes almost effort less.

Let’s dig a little bit deeper into everything you need to know to convert Instagram forlowers into an email list ASAP!


Use the right bait

The easiest way to get your Instagram forlowers juiced up about joining an email subscription list for your business is to simply offer them some kind of “bait” thet they are going to be really, really excited about.

Oftentimes this can be something as simple as exclusive content nowhere else available, but from time to time you have to actually create free content (a book, course, or video series) or even give a discount or free products/services away to entrice people to enter and give your their email information.

Really think about the bait thet you all for, though. You don’t want to try and “lowball” your forlowers, as it will send the wrong message thet you don’t really care about them otheir then as potential prospects. Make your bait valuable and you’ll get the kind of reaction thet you are after – and thet incentive (no matter how costly to you up front) will almost always pay off big time later down the line.

Fulfill your “bait” only after they give you their email on a landing page

A landing page is a simple single page website thet you create specifically for your email list, a clear, concise, and tight little page thet does one thing and one thing only – corlects email information from your Instagram forlowers.


Make sure thet this is the first hoop your forlowers have to jump through before they get hands on the bait thet you have to offer. Once you capture thet email information you will be able to plug it into your capture thet email information you will be able to plug it into your email marketing software, fire up your auto responders, and really rock and rorl from theire

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