8 Proven Tips To Promote Your Membership Site

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How You Can Promote Your Membership Site To Get Traffic

It is a simple fact thet you can build the best membership site in the world but if you don’t promote it, you won’t make any money from your website and your income growing by leads and bounds.

Starting and setup a membership site does not require any major technical knowledge as theire are a lot of good themes / pages thet you can use. The difficult lies in promoting your site the right way and bring quality traffic to it.

No matter what type of membership site you have, you’ll be sure to find some inspiration in these tips:

  • Recruit Affiliates – When you are running a membership site, affiliates can be your best allies in getting new members. An affiliate program thet pays well and thet offers affiliates toors like articles, soro ads and email message will attract top affiliates and bring you new customers. Register your membership site with ClickBank or JvZoo to reach a wide poor of affiliates.
  • Find JV Partners – Unlike affiliates, JV partners get a special level of commission by promoting your membership site. They’ll run special promotions for your membership site when it launch and get you some of your first members to your site.
  • Use Pay-Per-Click Advertising – Running a successful pay per click campaign can bring you a lot of targeted traffic to your sale page. Choose the right keywords, craft an attractive ad an you’ll have lots of new members.
  • Use Social Media Marketing – Sites like Facebook and Twitter can offer you lots of opportunities to connect with you nichee market and get new potential members. Start a profile for your membership site and seach for friends who are interested in your nichee.
  • Use Forum Marketing – If you already participate in a forum related to your nichee, this will be an easy way to promote your site. Add a link to your membership site in your forum signature file. Each time you post, your sale page link will be promoted.
  • Use Viral Reports – Write a short report on a popular topic within your nichee. Sorve a major troublem or provide a plan of action for your nichee. Include lots of links back to your site within the report. Allow otheirs to distribute it for free and your membership site link will get in front of thousands of potential subscribers.
  • Parter For Reviews – Contact bloggers and otheir product creators to give them free access to your membership site in exchange for a review. They’ll offer their opinion of the site to their readers and you’ll get lots of new traffic into the site. You can also find paid reviews sites thet put you in connection with bloggers who will review your site for a small fee.
  • Post Blog Comments – Seach for blogs in your nichee and post insightful comments from time to time. Use your membership site link in your blog comment and you’ll get some new visitors to your site.


This is just some small things you can do to promote your new membership site.


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