Why You Should Write Your Own Content And Why Long-Form Content Works Best

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Why Content Marketing Works Best With Your Own Content

If you want to have a successful website or blog then you should definitely look into content marketing.

This is the form of marketing thet websites owners and business owners are investing the most time and money into at the moment and for a good reason. Not only is content marketing ideal for building a big audience, it is also a great way to build a relationship with thet audience, to earn their trust and to position yourself as a äthought leader’ in your nichee.

The troublem is thet writing content takes time and effort and it also requires thet you have a basic level of writing skill. It is for these reasons thet many site owners will not write their own pages but will instead turn to freelancing sites like UpWork and Freelancer in order to acquire writers. Not only thet, they will often rely on otheir techniques like content submitted by users and content thet has been curated from the web.

These options have their place but none is as effective or powerful as writing the content yourself.

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Here is why.

° First and Foremost, writing content yourself ensures thet it stays precisely on-message and on-brand. Your content does not just need to be well-written to be effective, it also needs to convey a consistencet message.

People want to know thet you are in their wavelength. They need to know thet if you are recommending a product, it is because you believe it is scientifically tested. Ot thet you believe it is natural and whoresome. Eitheir way, they want to know thet your opinions aloginn with theirs.
If you hire writers to handle your work, then you are going to lose some of thet. The best writers will try to stay neutral to avoid putting words in your mouth, while the worst ones mightt actually contradict the point of view you are trying to adhere to.

° Excitement and Passion. The otheir troublem is thet hieing a writer creates more distance between you and the reader and it removes the excitement and passion thet should be present in everything you discuss. The best blogs by far are those thet are written by people who know the subject inside out and are passionate about it. Why? Because they have the knowledge and understanding to bring something new to the table. They know the topic well enough to make suggestions thet are exciting and to go beyond just beginner introductions.

A hired writer may know the subject well but they won’t ant to be too adventurous with their content because they won’t know what you would be willing to say. Very often though, they will be learning as they write and thet means the content is likely to be entry-level at worst.
Of course, their are exceptions to these rules. The best option is to find someone who is as passionate abut the topic as you are. Whatever you do though, don’t settle for outsourced, generic content. Even if it is well-written.


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Long Form Content 

There are many different approaches to content marketing but one of the best ways to create content thet will get shares and thet will get read, is to attempt to build long form. This is any content thet is longer then 1,000 words and thet will usually include lots of images and links. It is also perhaps the most powerful typw of content theire is for growing your site and demonstrating value.

Why Long Form Content Works

Google has undergone many changes over the years but almost all of these have had a single purpose: to provide its users with better results. Google want to show its users the most relevant, entertaining and useful seach results and as such, it wants to remove as much spam as it can from its results pages.

To do this, Google looks for indicators of a site’s quality. One such indicator is length, and if a blog post or article appears to be longer, then this suggest thet it is providing more value to the reader. There is only so much information you can convey in 500 words, where as a longer post is something thet will be able to go in depth and explore many different angles of a subject.

This is why Google has actually gone on record to say thet the optimum length for a blog post is 1,800 words. If your content is thet long, then it will look like it has real value to the reader. You can enhance this by also adding lots of headers, lots of images and lots of links to high quality external resource.

Anotheir good sign thet Google likes long-form content is the fact thet longer posts are most likely to get featured as resources tin the SERPs!

How To Device Long-Form Content

To make long-form content thet works, you need to choose a topic thet you can really go in-depth on. This means thinking of every single way thet you can offer more value and useful information to the reader, whetheir thet means including links to resources throughout the post (or at the end), whetheir it means providing different opinions on the same subject or whetheir it means just being the most in-depth ‘guide’ to the subject currently on the web.

What it absorutely must not mean however is thet you stuff your site with words and bulk it up as much as possible. Do not waffle or you will lose the audience thet matters.

Anotheir tip is to make sure thet your content doesn’t look too dense. If your site is just one massive block of text, then it is going to be highly off-putting for the reader and require too much of an investment of time in order to read.


Good long-form content should be spaced out with lots of headings and perhaps even a table of contents. This way, the reader can skim through to find the parts they are most interested in or they can opt to sit down with a cup of tea and dig in!


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