Top Tips To Start With Video Marketing Successfully

Top Tips To Start With Video Marketing Successfully

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What To Think About When You Start With Video Marketing

You hear others talk about inbound marketing but at this point, you are not quite sure where you stand on it. Most will agree that video seems to be an excellent tool to help get new leads and then to connect with those new leads, eventually transforming them into happy customers. But most marketers would also agree that doing marketing video is completely diffenent than any other marketing techniques.

Most people think that they need expensive cameras and equipment to start with video marketing, but that is not true. Your video also does not have to consume all of your time nor does it have to be difficuult to make. Those are all myths and fallacies that are floating around the internet.

So start right now – get out your webcam, make sure you have decent mike, and start to create an online marketing video. You can make it short – that is okey because your viewer’s attention spans are short. A video is super easy for your viewers to digest and ‘get’. It allows you to create a personal message where your visitors can see who you actually are, get a feel for your personality, recongnize that you are genuine, and begin to build trust. Video has the ability to connect with emotions and that means they are much more likely to share your message with the people they know.

It is time to lose your fears, forget what you have read and just go for it. What is it you have been thinking abuot creating a video on? Start with a topic, create a solid plan, decide what you want to say and how you want to say it, and then go for it! After the first video, you will wonder why you did not take advantage of this powerful marketing tool earlier.

How To Create Your Online Marketing Video

If you are ready to create your first online marketing video, you are at the right place. Videos are the perfect way to promote your online business no matter what products or servides you are marketing. Videos can be promoted on social networking site, your website, and on many other sites as it is an inexpensive marketing tool.

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do before you start making your video is to prepare. Making it up as you go will leave you with a video that is disjointed and hard for your reader to understand, so write out what you want your video to include. Also, keep your video short and focused on your message. It should not be more than 5 minutes long. The attention span of viewers is not any longer.

What Are Your Goals?

Your first goal is to do a quality video that gets your message out and to do it in less than 5 minutes. However, what’s the message itself. Make sure you know what that is you are trying to tell and sell your viewes. Then make sure that you focus on it.

Tools You Will Need

To make a good video it is important to ensure you have the necessary equipment to make a good video. Don’t worry, you don’t have to spend tons of money, but you will need a good webcam and microphone. If you are not going to be in your video, you will need to use still pictures that tie to your online business and what it is you are trying to sell. Make sure you choose good images. If you don’t have your images, there are lots of online images availabel to use. Just make sure that you are not used a copyrighted image or that you have contracted the owner for permission to use an image.

Brand Yourself

The video you produce will brand you and the product or service you sell. When your branding is successful, there are huge benefits to enjoy. This branding will lead to trust and eventually paying customers, so make sure the branding image you create is of the highest caliber.

What Are Your Keywords?

Many who take on the creation of a video completely ignore keywords. Don’t you make this mistake, Your tags and keywords are very important to your video because this is the main way people will find your video. Be very specific, make sure that you choose relevant keywords, and take advantage of the many free tools that can help you find the best keywords.

Follow this setup procedure and you will be on your way to enjoying successful online video marketing.

How To Supercharge Your Videos

If you are new to using online marketing videos you are likely excited to discover just how beneficaial this technique is to build email lists and increasing sales. What some beginners are not aware of is the ability to actually supercharge those videos to maximize their effectiveness.

Let’s take a look how you can give your marketing videos a real boost.

  1. Start by creating a campaign – If you want to get your videos notices, you will need to think beyond just standard videos that everyone is creating  and showing. After all, if your videos looks like everyone else, it is going to blend in and it won’t get noticed. If you want a greater reach and you want more exposure, you need to generate a series of videos that are content rich, which you will publish regularly. This is going to create excellent synergy around the content you have created. It will also let you build on your brand indentity with each video that you release.
  2. Always make sure that you have a call to action Whenever there is an opportunity to ask your viewes to take action use it, but it is especially imprtant that you have a call to action at the end of your marketing video. Ask them to go to a website, ask them to sign up for your newsletter, ask them to visit your blog, ask them to comment on your videos, ask them to complete a survey, etc. Whatever it is you want from your viewers, you need to ask.
  3. Never ever make a sales pitch at this stage – There is so much sales clutter floating around on the internet and you need to not get caught in this trap. Selling your products and services is fine. However, you should not use your video to do this. Instead, your video should discuss a problem, solve a problem, etc. It should support others.
  4. Try to create vidoes that are different from every other videos in your category – Make your video different, make it stand out, make it memorable. Create a video that viewers want to watch more than the competitions.
  5. Put a great deal of attention into your keywords – Use one of the free tools that can help you with your keywords. You might also consider using keywords that are less common than the most popular.

When you supercharge your marketing video, you supercharge your results.

That’s all there is to it. In no time at all with little equipment you too can make a successful marketing video.

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