Top Tips To Set Up And Promote Your Sales Funnel

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A Sales Funnel Is A Simple System That Will Market Your Business Automatically

In this article I am going to show you how you can set up a simple system, called a sales funnel, that collects email addresses of interested consumers and then markets to them automatically for a consistent flow of cash.
Once you learn how to set up your sales funnel you will be able to control the flow of income to your business.

A good funnel can be set up in as little as a few hours, in almost any niche, so stop wondering if it will work for your business and start focusing on how you can set one up. And, you don’t need any special skills, you don’t need your own product, and you don’t even have to use your own content. That is why a sales funnel is so good.

You just need to set up the funnel and put it to work. But not all affiliate marketers use a sales funnel although  it is so easy to use and set up. Why? Maybe because they think it is not necessary, not important, it is too confusing or simply because they don’t know how.

Before you set up your own sales funnel it is important to understand that a good funnle system will build a solid relationship with your subscribers so that they will actually open and read your emails. And best of all, it will allow you to make money on demand, simply by sending out an email.


There are two types of funnel systems you can build; lead driven and sales driven

In this article I am going to concentrate mostly on the lead driven system, because you don’t need to have your own products. You can promote affiliate products and let someone else do the hard work like setting up sales pages, delivering products and customer service.

  • A lead driven system adds consumers into your funnel and starts them on the road to making a purchase. This happens when they enter their email address to subscribe to your newsletter, receive information or collect a free offer from you.
  • A sales driven system is made up of buyers. These are people who have actually bought something from you, and you then collected their email addresses so you could follow up with them after the sale.

Why not just send traffic straight to your affiliate offer?

If you are just sending traffic through an affilaite link using free or paid advertising, sure you may make some quick commissios, but you are losing the opportunity to follow up with your visitors which means they are pretty much lost to you forever.

There are various methods to send visitors to your lead capture page, website or blog. These methods might include paid advertising, social media marketing, media buys, link swaps and so on.

How to set up, track and market your sales funnel system

When they get there you entice them with a free offer, and this part is important: They are redirected to a special offer. This offer is usually something that is steeply discounted and extremely limited time-wise.

If the new subscriber purchases, they are placed on the customer list. Otherwise they stay on the lead list. Either way, they continue to receive content and promotions from you every day or two, automatically via the autoresponder.  If you want to know more what an autoresponder is and how they are working, you can read my article Setting Up An Autoresponer.

Tracking – This could be one of the biggest reasons new marketers don’t create affiliate funnels – they don’t know how to fine tune those funnels to make the most money. But the money is in the tracking, because by tracking you know what is working, what is not and what needs improving.

You can track everything in your business, and by tracking, you turn your funnle from guesswork into a scientific process that tells you exactly what to do to maximize your profits.

Imagine you have got two different versions of your offer and you test both. Version A is making half the sales of Version B, so what do you do? You eliminate Version A, send all your traffic to Version B and begin testing to improve Version B even further. Using this method your business is guaranteed to improve over time – it is that simple.

If you don’t track and test, then every sale you get will be from sheer luck. In addition you will be leaving more money on the table than you can even guess. Not only do you lose all the profit you would have made from the increased conversions, but you also lose all the profit you could have made by reinvesting the extra profit into more traffic.

Creating your lead generation pageAs you know, the purpose of your lead  page, squeeze page, is to sell people on giving you their email address in exchange for your free gift. But a good squeeze page does more than this, it also prequalifies the prospect, ensuring that you are only attracting the specific group of people who will be interested in your particular niche and the products you promote.

Your headline is the most important thing on the page. It is got to be so compelling, they would stay to read the rest of the copy and fill out the form. The sub heading clarifies the headline and tells the person what to do next. It is also adds urgency. If this sounds like a lot, it is. Getting the copy just right on your squeeze page makes the difference between 20% conversions and 50% conversions, so invest time getting this right.

The sole purpose of the button copy is to get the click. That is it. Here is button copy you should test agains whatever else you want to try, “Click Here To Download”. It is been proven to work really well and beat most controls, so give it a try. Also, make your button stand out from everything else on the page, so the viewer cannot possibly miss it.

Don’t focus on all the benefits, focus on just a few, best is just one big benefit of the free gift, why they should fill out the form to get your free offer.

Thank you page – This is where you make a special offer that they will see only once. It is a super limited time, one time only, get it now or lose it forever kind of deal. The value should be through the roof and it is got to be worth far, far more than the asking price. As an example, this is a great place to offer a bestselling $97 product for $29.90.

An alternative is to offer a $1 trial into a hot membership. If you can also offer a lower monthly rate on a high priced membership, or if the membership is in the $7-$20 a month category, you should do great.

Remember, you want to promote something on the Thank You Page because this is where you want to break even. Thatis, if you are buying advertising, so everything wlse you make in your funnels is pure profit.

Split testing – Split test your squeeze page and your thank you page. Split test the offers, the headlines, the text etc. Test everything and don’t just test small – test big too. Try an entirely different offer, etc. Test small as well. Test different colors, different calls to actions and so forth.

The more people you have opting in and the more people you have buying from your thank you page, the more money you will make and the more money you can invest in advertising.

Product to promote – Obviously you can only want to promote high quality, evergreen products that will help your customers. Choose products that solve problems or give how-to instruction. And if possible, promote products with recurring payments because these will pay you month after month.

Your funnel is no place to promote flash-in-the-pan products because you want products that are available for months and even years to come. This way you don’t have to continually update your autoresponder copy to replace products that are no longer valid.

Creating and sourcing contentMake sure that all of your content is directly related to the reason why they signed up in the first place. Share tips that will help them solve their problem or help them move their passion forward. The more helpful you are with your information, the longer they will read your emails and buy your products.

Sourcing content is simply finding content online that is terrific and sharing it with your readers. Remember to give credit for the content. And write your own thoughts and intro for the content.

Just make sure that everything you share with your readers provides immense value and helps them to reach their goals, and they will stay subscribed.


One of the most important parts is getting traffic

It is important to realize that there is no free traffic. You are either paying for traffic with your time or with your money. And the sooner you can pay for it with your money, the better, because then you can begin growing your business at a much faster pace.

Regardless of whether you are paying by time or by money, there are smart ways and not so smart ways of getting traffic. Initaially, it can be very frustrating to try to create traffic streams yourself. For example, starting a blog and trying to get people to the blog so you can get them to your squeeze page is hard work and takes time. It is worth the investment, but realice it probably won’t pay off for six months or more. That is why when you are first starting out, you want to find traffic streams that are already on place and tap into those.

If you are buying traffic, spend the money it takes to get good traffic. Cheap traffic is no bargain when it doesn’t convert. Typically, the less you pay for traffic, the lower the quality, but there can be exceptions. Facebook, for example, can be a source of very reasonably priced traffic that converts really well.

For free traffic, social media is your #1 venue. Post often and everywhere. Post great content and be helpful. Find fan pages and become a member, then send that traffic to your opt-in page. You can read more about social media in by blog post How To Promote Your Affiliate Product On Social Media.

And keep in mind, once you have your funnel set up, you can devote nearly all of your time to getting traffic because everything else runs on automatic. This means once you can afford to BUY your traffic, this will become practically a hands off business, and you can invest your time setting up a second and a third funnel, and o forth.


Emailing your list – You will of course be programming all of your emails into an autoresponder so that the entire process is totally hands off for you. Once a person joins your list, they begin receiving the emails in your autoresponder at the intervals you have set up.

In your first email be sure to include the free gift. You might also write a short note thanking them for subscribing. Don’t make it too formal – let some of your personality start to shine through right from the beginning.

When you send a promotional email, send a second email the next day asking if they got the email. This is an effective way to double the response on your initial email without promoting twice.


When you promote a product, promote it multimple days because this shows that you really believe in the product and aren’t just trying to make a fast cash. Plus, promoting the same product multiple days wears down the sales resistance of your subscribers. Those who are sitting on the fence are much more likely to jump off the fence when they are reminded multiple times to do so. And if you are offering a special, limited time discount, this is even more effective.

Send stricly content email before a promotion. For example, if you know you are going to sell a program in 3 days that solves a specific problem, talk about the problem beforehand. This gets them thinking they want a solution. Then in the next day or two when you offfer it to them they will all warmed up and ready to buy.


Do your best not barrage your list with constant offers. Give them good contetn too. Sometimes providing good conent is as wasy as recommending a video that fits right in with your topic. It is not hard. The secret is to find out what works. Put that in your autoresponder and let the sysstem do the work for you.







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