What Is Twitter & How Can You Take Advantage Of Twitter

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How you successfully can use Twitter to get more expose for your business

Twitter is one of the most popular social sites online today. One of the things that makes Twitter so popular is that it is extremely easy to use even though it is a very powerful platform. With

When it comes to marketing any type of business, product or service online it is always good to have a social media presence and Twitter makes that very easy. It gives you the opportunity to interact with your consumers on a more personal level.
For the most part, Twitter is used for social networking. As a business owner, there are many ways you can use Twitter to your advantage. Whether you operate a large business or a small one, it can give your business an edge over the competition. Although most users frown upon blatant advertising, there are roundabout ways for you to market your business, which I will discuss later on.

Whether you are selling a product, service, or a combination of the two, you can use Twitter to spread the word about what you have to offer. For example, if you are an affiliate marketer you can post tweets to your followers about your latest projects and products.
Twitter is more than just a social networking site. Twitter is also a great marketing tool, but like many other, you may be a little lost and confused when it comes to understanding how to use Twitter.

Some of the benefits using Twitter are:

  • Reach a large market – There are well over 200 million active users on Twitter and it is rapidly growing in popularity every day. When it comes to marketing, this gives you almost instant access to a large audience of consumers who are interested in what you have to offer. While you won’t be able to communicate with all the members, the potential of reaching a targeted percentage of them is very powerful.The first place to start is by making connections and building a list of followers. One place to start is te search Twitter fo other users who are interested in the types of products and services you offer. You can also search for members based on email address, name and location. Of course, you can add anyone to your list of contacts, but it is more effective to aim for your targeted market.


  • Build a following and your brand – If you are new to Twitter, you may not realize that you can create your personal or business brand and virtually dominate your market, simply by setting up a profile and building a list of followers.
    Once you have set up your Twitter account you’ll want to work on your profile. Take time to customize the look and feel of your page so that it reflects the products and service you offer. Pay close attention to your bio, because this is what people will read before they decide whether they want to follow you.
    You only have 160 characters to describe who you are and what you do, so you have to make it good! You’ll also want to add a good profile picture and header photo to make your business attractive and memorable.Next, you’ll want to start growing your list of followers. If yu already have a list of business contacts, you can jumpstart the process by that are inviting them to follow you. Start by putting link’s in your emails, on your websites and blogs asking people to follow you.


  • Discreet advertising – While there are no rules against advertising on Twitter, there are rules against spam. For that reason, avoid sending large, bulky unsolicited advertisements.
    To increase your success, cleverly write your tweets. It is easy to make ads appear as if they aren’t even advertisements at all. As I mentioned above all you have to do is briefly discuss your products and ask for feedback. This still gets consumers to view the product, but without the pressure to buy and it will get much more positive results than simply listing products with their selling price.Keep in mind that when you tweet about a product or service that you have to offer, it is an easy way to create a buzz and generate interest. The more interesting you make your product or service sound in your tweets, the more buzz you can generate and the more likely it will be that people comment and share your tweets with others.


These are just a few reasons why you should give marketing on Twitter a try. While others use it solely for social purpose, you can easily turn it into an effective promotion tool for your business.

Twitter Marketing Made Easy

Marketing tips for beginners

Whether you run a full-fledge online affiliate marketing business or if you only sell a few products online, your success depends on marketing. After all, if consumers don’t know what you have to offer, you will never make a profit. For that reason alone, internet marketing is crucial aspect of your success. The good news is that you have many options, including social media marketing on networks like Twitter.
Before focusing on how you can use Twitter to market the products and services you sell, it is important to understand how the system works. As we know, it is an online service that is defined as a social network or micro-blog.

The first step in using Twitter for marketing is to join. If you aren’t already a member, it is easy to get started. Visit Twitter.com and register for a free account. This involves creating a username, password and providing your email address. Then, you are ready to get started.

The next step is to develop a list of friends and followers. While this may take some time, it is a fairly easy process. You can start inviting your Facebook friends, and you can also search using a relevant # hashtag in the search bar. You can search both for tweets and people. For example iff you are in the affiliate marketing business you can search tweets with hashtags #affiliatemarketing and this way find people or company to follow or you can search for persons / companies to follow under the hashtag #affiliatemarketing.
Whan you have started building your Twitter account with followers you can start tweeting. At the beginning don’t try to sell everything, just build your brand. If you have your own blog, share your blog posts. Good is also to combined your tweets with tweets not only from you. Search for interesting articles and tweet them.

You may also ask your self how much you should tweet. My answer it depends on your followers and the people you follow. You can read more about this in my blog post How Often Should I Tweet.


The power of using Twitter for marketing

If you don’t use Social Media as a marketing channel you are missing out the opportunity to connect with potential customers.
Did you know that Twitter Profile and tweets often show up in the search engine results? It is true, so that means you have the potential to reach a very large and targeted consumer group just by posting useful and relevant tweets. Twitter is also a very powerful viral tool.

Before we drive into the rest of this issue, I want to reinforce the importance of understanding that Twitter, is first and foremost a social networking site and should always be treated as such even when you are using it for marketing.

After signing up for an account, it is important to start to develop a list of followers and cultivate a relationship with then at first, this will be a list people who you follow in hopes or reciprocation.

Once you start following people many will return the favor, becoming you follower and that’s when the magic starts to happen. As your following grows, so will your opportunity to share your marketing messages.

There are no limits on how many tweets you can post a day. However, there is a character limit, as we well know. You can also send a direct message which is a private message sent via Twitter to one of your followers. You can only send a direct message to users who are following you and you can only receive them from users you follow. you can also respond to other people tweets, which is a great way to expand your reach and grow your following at the same time. And popular tweets come from users who have a lot of followers and post a lot of updates, these are the people you should engage with.

Start by following them and responding to their tweets with helpful information. This will get your profile in front of their followers, which will naturally grow your following. Remember, people are curious by nature and you can use that to your advantage by posting interesting information that will make them want to check out what you have to offer.

Pros and cons of using Twitter for marketing

As we well know Twitter can be a great marketing tool, but you still may be wondering if marketing your website, blog, products, or service through Twitter is a good idea. In most cases, it is, but as with any new method you try, you should first familiarize yourself with the pros and cons.

  • The pros – Twitter is massive and it is free to join, which is a definite plus. If you don’t already have a profile set up I highly recommend that you go over to Twitter and sign up. Before marketing your business on Twitter, you need to develop a list of contacts. You start by looking for other members to follow and grow your list from there. Since Twitter has over 200 million members, this can be relatively easy using the search feature.
    Tip: To improve your results, always aim for your target market when you are looking for people to follow.
    Your Tweets always go to your followers, unless you send a direct message or tweet directly to someone using the @ symbol, which is used to call out usernames in Tweets. By re-tweeting someone elses Tweet , you use that person’s username, @cattifriberg, to mention that person.
    Tweets arte easy to create. They take less than a minute to write and send. But, don’t let that fool you they can still be very effective when it comes to getting your products and services noticed.
    Twitter has global reach. You can advertise your website, blog, product or service to people all over the world. In terms of marketing, this gives you a lot of potential. You can use it to build brand recognition, drive traffic, generate interest, as well as increase sales.
  • The cons – Many people use it incorrectly and they end ups sounding too spammy. If you don’t proceed with caution and the majority of your messages sound like advertisements you won’t receive the response you are hoping for. Twitter is about connecting with other users, not solely for soliciting sales online.
    Twitter is full of activity. Did you know that users generate over 300 million tweets a day, and most users follow hundreds if not thousands of profiles? This means if you if you only tweet once or twice a day, your tweets are quickly lost in your follower’s feeds. Twitter isn’t great for visual content, while it is evolving to include other forms of media it is still mostly text-based. If you want to share a lot of photos, Pinterest or Instagram may be better idea for hosting them and then sharing them with your Twitter followers in a tweet that includes  link.


How to use Twitter to build your email list

Building a list is one of the most important things you can do to help grow your business and market your products and services. what many people don’t realize is that Twitter is a great way to get more subscribers.

Any time you are marketing on a website that you don’t own, you are running the risk that your account could be deleted or the site could change its terms and terminate your campaign.

When you build a list, you will be able to market to that list from many years to come. Best of all, you won’t have to worry about breaking Twitter’s terms, even if they change the terms later. You can market to your own list any legal way you want!

If you aren’t already building an email list the first thing you will need is an autoresoponder account in order to manage your list effectively. While there are free autoresonders’s available paid account with a reputable company is well worth the investment, and you won’t have to worry about losing your list of contact while you are growing your list

Here are few of the top providers available:

All of these services are very good and which one you will depend on your needs and personal preferences.

Once everything is set up, you can start tweeting about what you have to offer on your squeeze page. The best part about setting things up this way is that it allows you to tap into the massive amounts of traffic that Twitter receives in a more permanent way than just growing a list of followers on the network.


How to improve your results when marketing on Twitter and raise brand awareness

When it comes to improving your marketing results on Twitter, the most important thing you can do is always provide valuable content. In fact, providing information that has value is one of the best ways to grab attention and gain more followers.

It could be something as basic a sa famous quote or a tip on how to improve one’s life. People are more likely to follow somebody who has some helpful words and can be converted to customers once a bond has been established in the community.

  • #Hashtags – Observe what is currently trending on Twitter and include the hashtags in your post where applicable. Of course, they will have to match your tweets, but having a popular hashtag can send your post trending and can be re-tweeted by others, which is what it is all about. Using this as a marketing strategy can increase your post’s viewership apart from those who are following you.If one gets off the ground, create another on that has the same tag and ad a link. Many people will gain access to your promotion if you are still popular. Avoid following thousands of people with the prospect of arousing interest. Instead, you’ll want to increase the number of people beating a trail down your promotional path and to accomplish this, you have to grab attention with the proper use of hashtags.


  • Don’t overuse links – On a regular basis, you can post a link to your blog or product site, but don’t get carried away. People who pepper their post with marketing links will soon lose their following as tons of sales pitch choking up their page irritate people. Search the internet, or Twitter for interesting article in your niche and post them too.  They don’t want to wade through all that much to find interesting posts. They will just block you and you are finished. Get attention through interesting posts, and insert your links at random to get more chance of success.


  • Giveaways – Offering some giveaway or holding a contest that will require people to follow you is a smart way of boosting the number of those linking to you. Be nice enough to respond to those who have contacted you or replied to your tweets. They are prospective clients so don’t lose time in getting back to them.

Twitter is a potential goldmine if you know how to use it. Don’t come off as a spammers who isn’t concerned with what people think. Remember that you are building a community of interested followers. Be active online, re-tweet other posts, reply to people but don’t overdo the links and the sales pitch.


Many types of business these days rely on the power of social media as an effective tool. One of the most powerful social media sites is Twitter, which is known for uniting an immense number of individuals in one enormous online community. With some Twitter marketing skills, you can advertise your website, products and/or services in less time at a very low-cost.

  • Use good keywords – Search your niche for important keywords and choose the ones which you can seamlessly include in your bio. The chosen keywords should look natural. If keywords or phrases are hard to find for that purpose, choose words that are associated with your niche or subjects to discuss. Construct your sentences in relation to these words. One possibility is to add in two of these words as you talk about your work experience or special skills.Links to your videos or articles should have a sentence or phrase that serves as an introduction for them. It can describe a solution to your target’s long-standing problem. Use a personal tone, not a sales pitch, in your technique. Add the keywords that you used in your video or article into your tweet but don’t make it sound like you are selling something. Nothing can make you lose your followers faster than this.


  • Ask for re-tweets – Don’t be ashamed to ask for re-tweets. You hear this marketing tip a lot but many don’t put it into practice. Don’t expect your followers to automatically re-tweet your message no matter how great they appreciate them. Simply request them to re-tweet any of your posts that they think will be helpful for interesting.


  • Use inspiration – Twitter users who frequently post words that empower or encourage people to face life’s challenges attract a large share of Twitter traffic. Let’s say for instance that you are campaigning for a consulting company for small-scale businesses. Share a couple of amazing quotes that will drive small business owners to push harder to reach their goal. You can also post advice on how to succeed in their undertakings. They would definitely want to follow you to learn more.


  • Take a stand – Many people are inclined to follow people who post daring statements. Don’t be afraid to disagree with the opinion if you have to. However, you can present your opposition without using strong words as they can offend your followers and hurt the brand you are trying had to promote.


  • Connect – Even if you are using your Twitter account to promote your brand, nothing should prevent you from sharing your ideas, hopes, and dreams with your followers to allow them to connect with you in a more personal manner. You can gain their trust as they get to know the real you.

You can apply all the techniques described above or maybe some of them that will fit your promotional strategies. Bear in mind that constant practice of these techniques can increase your chances of succeeding in the future.


The power of re-tweeting

Now that you are getting the hang of marketing on Twitter let’s talk about how you can get your tweets to spread even further and go viral. This will increase your reach and following a lot.

Re-Tweeting is a common practice on Twitter, which I am sure you have noticed by now. It is where you re-post someone else’s Tweet that you like and you think your followers will like.

With this method, you take the original Twitter message someone else has posted, and rebroadcast that same message to your followers. To do a re-tweet, simply click the button, and if you want you can add a comment to your retweet.

Whenever you are broadcasting a message, you should definitely give credit to the original poster by adding the username to your re-tweet like “article by @cattisfriberg”. This will not be good only for the original tweeter, retweeting can actually benefit you just as much if not more.

Retweeting is all about providing value to your followers so if you want others to retweet your post then you want to make sure that you are providing them with quality content worth tweeting about.

The bottom line is retweeting is a great way to add quality and value to your Twitter page. If done right, retweeting can help you educate your followers, build your personal brand, increase future traffic, and connect you to other great people in your niche.

Just be careful if you use it incorrectly, retweeting can actually hurt your personal brand and future traffic. Don’t send them to inappropriate websites or spam them with one sales pitch after another.

Twitter and your marketing campaigns

Twitter is all about making connections. Some people tweets regularly and others only a few times a week.  I post about 20 tweets / day. Since you are planning on using Twitter as a marketing tool chances are you are going to be spending a lot of time managing your campaigns. Thankfully there are a wide variety of tools you can use to make the job easier and more efficient.

One of them is Twitters own tool, TweetDeck. It is a tool that works from your desktop and connects to your Twitter account. Its main benefits are that you can see the main Twitter timeline, the mentions you get and your direct messages all on the same screen.
TweetDeck lets you schedule your post and add images to your tweets, so this makes your Twitter marketing so much easier and don’t even take som much time. When you schedule your tweets they go out automatically at the time you set. This is because you don’t have to sit in front of your computer all day.


Millions of people are using Twitter to connect with each other all over the world, but when it comes to using it for marketing there are some things you should avoid doing because it will hinder your chances of success.

  • Not using your picture as your profile photo – When you post your own picture it lets others know that you are real and that you are confident enough with what you do to let others see you. You want people to recognize you as a leader in your market and having a face to go with a name always helps. A nice smile never hurts either.
  • Automatically sending the wrong type of direct message through AutoDM – Direct message can be seen as impersonal and pushy when they aren’t written properly. If you decide to use a tool that automatically send messages to your followers keep it simple and friendly. a message saying ‘thanks for following me’ is fine, but sending automated messages promoting your business or product is not a good idea and most instances people will click the unfollow button right away.
  • Trying to build a huge following before you have done some tweeting – People will not be interested in following you when they click on your Twitter page to see what you have got, and notice you don’t have much. You need to have tweeted more than, “Trying to figure this Twitter out” and “I think I’ve got it figured out now”. If you don’t know what to say, try retweeting some other people’s tweets that are related to your niche. Read what other people are tweeting about and reply to them, this will help start-up a conversation. Talk about market related news, search Google for related articles and news, what you are doing in your business right now. That will give you several tweets to get the ball rolling.
  • Tweet promotion after promotion – Yes, you are using Twitter to promote your business, but posting one offer after another will only cause people to unfollow you. Whan people look at your timeline and notice that you aren’t posting anything of value to them they will quickly move on.

Even if you already have a good list of leads, it is still not a good idea to barrage them with promotions. Of cause you can sell to your followers, but not all tweet, how many depends on how much you tweet a day.

There are a lot more to know and learn about Twitter, I have written some blog post about Twitter I recommend you to read if you want to know more.








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