How Small and Medium Sized Business can Use Periscope

The benefits using Periscope


While some of the major brands have dominated the headlines for using Periscope for marketing purpose, even small and medium sized companies can effectivley use this app in different ways. Here are some of the ways in which they can harness its benfits and grow their businesses.


Creating buzz around new product releases

Since Pericope Live Streaming App can be used to reach a wide audience especially the large number of internet users who frequent social media sites like Twitter, businesses can use it to create excitement about a new product that is due for release. They can use it for live testing of products and services while at the same time giving potential customers a first hand experience of what is to come. The hype around the new products to be released will be very instrumental in driving up initial sales numbers when they hit the market. This can be done with very minimal resources.

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Periscope and Seminars

Why You Should Use Periscope for Your Seminars

imagesWeb seminars are an important part of any big ticket business model. Seminares are of course interactive talks that you can give and by doing these online, you are able to reach hundreds or even thousands of people from the comfort of your home.

Web seminars can be a part of a high ticket business model in two ways. On the one hand, these can be used as part of your sales funnel and by convincing people to watch your seminar, you can make them an active participant in your brand and much more likely to buy from you in the future.

At the same time though, a seminar can also be a powerful tool for actually creating that product. People are used to paying a lot of money for online courses and may even pay hundreds of thousands of dollars if there is a qualification at the end. A seminar is a great way to deliver this that’s interactive. Read on to learn more…..

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